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What is sillyview's history?

sillyview originated as part of the Pavlov Project, during work for the 1.1 release in Feburary 2004. Part of the Pavlov 1.1 release goals is to create a servlet-based implementation while keeping the original Swing implementation. The sillyview project on was started in late April 2004. sillyview became more useful with Sun's JDK1.5B1 Java release, because now it can process form submissions.

Real World Example

sillyview was created during the upgrade of Pavlov 1.0 to 1.1 in order to help along the process of making a Servlet version of Pavlov. At one point in development, Pavlov had 165 classes and 22,400 lines of code. After integrating sillyview, and removing nasty hardcoded Swing user interface pieces, there were 100 classes and 16,000 lines of code. The result: more functionality and a code base much easier to maintain.

What's in a name?

sillyview was originally named "harborviews" because I was sitting in a harbor near Chittagong Bangladesh when I wrote the first couple of drafts. That name has been taken by at least a dozen other software packages. When I got time to check possible names on the 'net, everything I came up with was already used. Muttering "This is silly" (and with apologies to SillyMud) I named the package sillyview. Also, it should be capatalized like this: "sillyView" but, well, that just looks ugly to me.